Another Bad Day for Journalist by Theasa Tuohy

A war against the press? Today's news makes Trump's sound like small potatoes. Item: Saudi national columnist for The Washington Post goes missing in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. Turkish officials suspect he was murdered there. Item: An investigative reporter was raped, beaten and murdered in Eastern Bulgaria. No suspects. Item: The Asia news editor of the Financial Times had his Hong Kong visa yanked. The guess as to why? He presided over a press club meeting where a speaker was  pro-independence.

Memoir by Theasa Tuohy

Beautifully written and poignant essay, teaser for upcoming memoir by NY Times reporter Jeffrey Gentleman. "Love Africa." He talks about "a rapidly shrinking sliver of an opportunity to bring peace to Somalia" in 2006. "Mogadishu wasn't an abattoir. The killing had stopped, and the populace seemed indebted to the young men who had stopped it. They simply called them the Youth, but they used the Arabic word, al Shabaab." 

"In December that same year, the Pentagon helped the army of Ethiopia, Somalia's historic enemy, invade."  

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Friends by Theasa Tuohy


Check out the Friends of Jenny (FOJ) website. They are a non-profit organization bringing to life the significance of the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny biplane, a hundred years after it was conceived and test flown. Forever associated with barnstorming, the first mass produced World War I flight trainer also carried the first regularly scheduled. A true icon in the story of American aviation.

Movie by Theasa Tuohy

Check out movie trailer for the one hour PBS documentary “Jenny”, the story of Glenn Curtiss and his most famous airplane.

Finally by Theasa Tuohy

A plane carrying Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian and two other Americans released by Iran left Tehran en route to Europe on Sunday after the implementation of a landmark agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. But we’re hardly out of the woods. The French Reporters Sans Frontieres reported that at the end of 2015 there were 54 reporters held hostage around the world. The release of Rezaian would drop the number held down to 53. Not an easy biz to be in. 


Op Ed by Theasa Tuohy

The Washington Post has just published an Op Ed piece I wrote concerning the arbitrary choice of March 1965 as the start of the Vietnam War – when 3,500 Marines landed in Da Nang. We already had 23,000 so-called ‘advisers’ in Vietnam before that date. Until we acknowledge how the conflict really started, we can’t come to terms with the origins or our nation’s involvement. 


 US military personnel in South Vietnam, August 1963 (AP Photo)   

US military personnel in South Vietnam, August 1963 (AP Photo)